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Book Review: Keeping Lucy, by T. Greenwood

Keeping Lucy, by T. Greenwood Published by St. Martins Press Publication date August 6, 2019 Synopsis: In 1969, Ginny Richardson has the perfect life. She is married to a wonderful man, a lawyer, Ab, and they have a son whom they adore. When she gives birth to her baby girl, she is told the baby has Down Syndrome and is whisked away before Ginny even understands what is happening. Ab’s father insists the baby by enrolled immediately in Willowridge, a school for the feeble-minded. Ginny knows she doesn’t have the knowledge of the medical professionals who told her it was for the best; her daughter would be cared for by those who know just what she needs. And, as per the school’s rules, Ginny is not allowed to visit. But Ginny feels the hole left in her heart every day. Two years later, Ginny’s best friend, Marsha, shows her an expose on the horrendous conditions of Willowridge. Ginny decides she must go see for herself. Marsha agrees to drive Ginny and her now six year …


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